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HESH HERBAL PRIVATE LIMITED is a leader in manufacturing and marketing herbal, nature-based cosmetics & products, marked with quality and trust gained. This has leveraged of Herbal Herbal’s strong research capability to manufacture over 50 solution-oriented skin-care, hair-care and body care products for all ages. Hesh Herbal has developed flagship brands such as Hesh®, Hesh Herbal®, Touché®, Vesojel®, Entrée® & Ancient Formulaé® - a category leader in its segment. Ancient Formulaé, includes natural Hair & Skin Care Solution for people helping them move towards a healthy, natural and holistic lifestyle.
As the products formulated by Hesh Herbal fulfill specific needs of people world over, the Company is gradually increasing its focus and attention in exports. Hesh Herbal has an active export division which is rapidly expanding its presence in the overseas markets. Presently Hesh Herbal’s products are available for people in more than 50 countries across the world - America, Canada, Panama, the European Union, Africa, Mauritius, Reunion, Middle East, South-East Asia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Australia, New-Zealand, etc.
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